DAK ……Iris Bishop Designs……books and diskettes

Design-a-knit diskettes of Iris Bishop designs. These diskettes will run on computers that have a 3 1/4 disk drives. They are the Original disks and the Printed books with the printed designs. 

Lot price: $75.00 US, shipping included. The offer is worth it for the books alone, the diskettes are a bonus.

Paypal is OK. Shipping from near Toronto, ON Canada

Contact: cutlermac@yahoo.com 



Regarding Shipping 

Shipping prices from Canada and within Canada have risen for parcels. It appears that all items are now subject to security xRay coming and going, both on the Canadian and the USA side of the border. Understandably, it increases the shipping costs.

In Canada, we do not have a “Media” rate for books, nor can “Media” mail be shipped to Canada from the USA.

Lace Carriage 560 LC. $275.00 US

Lace Carriage 560 LC for Studio/Singer/Silver-Reed Electronic knitting machine. Standard gauge. 4.5mm. It is compatible with the SK560, SK580, SK840  models.  Also with EC1 and DAK patterning devices.

Instructions for use is in the Operations Manual of the electronic machines.

Plastic casing is slightly discolored, no cracks or damage. Works well. No weights included as none were included when I purchased. Lace mylars can be included, upon request.

$275.00 US plus shipping. Paypal OK

Shipping is approx $35.00 to the USA. It weighs approx 2.5 KG / 5 lb.

email: cutlermac@yahoo.com

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