Skirts, a Mary Weaver book

For Sale: a book of skirt making techniques by Mary Weaver. This book is pre-owned in good condition and addresses all knitting machines. It covers many different styles and techniques to produce great looking skirts. For those who are not familiar with Mary Weaver, she is the most renown British knitting machine expert.

$20.00 US plus Shipping, approx $20.00 The book is heavy. The yellowing on the picture is on the plastic cover, not on the paper. I paid $29.95 US at my time of purchase.


For Sale: 7 misc Mylar patterning sheets for STUDIO Electronics

For sale: MYLAR patterning sheets. Pre owned, pre designed. For use with the STUDIO models EC1, SK 560, 840,860,890.

Most can be erased, a couple cannot. ( A permanent pen had been used, but lots of blank usable space on those) Inquire and I can confirm which ones. The large hockey, baseball ones are most suitable for double jacquard.

I will sell individually, or grouped.

$6.00 US each.

Shipping is approx $10.00 most everywhere from CANADA. They will be Packaged so they don’t get bent or torn in transit.

I am not a Store/dealer. I have acquired an abundance of misc knitting machine items surplus to my needs.


Thanks for looking.

RIBBER SRP 50 for Studio standard gauge knitting machines. $225.00 CDN

7A666E1D-9241-4913-932A-98CD49AAA6F8For Sale: Singer/Studio/Silver Reed RIBBER SRP50 for the Standard gauge 4.5 mm

knitting machine will fit SK360and newer machine, 500 series, 700 series, 800 series. Not sure about older than that model SK360.

Carriage, arm, Manuals, tools, weights, combs etc. Appears to not have been used or minimal usage.

Asking $225.00 Cdn.

Shipping charge is extra. Location, Near Toronto, ON. Canada




Parts Machine Studio/Singer/Silver-Reed SK700


NO carriage. Clean, NO RUST., NO Punchcards.

200 needles, standard gauge 4.5 mm.

All other functions perform as they should. Punchcard reader, Row counter, Knit radar. Metal case cover in good condition.

It does not appear to have been dropped.

Shipping fees would be extra, from Toronto, ON Canada area.

$125.00 US